MPO-12 SC 2.0 Breakout Fiber Cable

Product Description

OM3 10G MPO/MTP-12 SC 2.0 Breakout Fiber Cable

We offer MPO/MTP 12 core breakout fiber patch cord with MPO connector on one end and 12 LC,SC,ST,FC,E2000 2.0mm or 0.9mm connector (Any combination) on other end. These MPO/MTP breakout patch cords are OFNP Plenum rated, OFNR Riser rated or LSZH jacket. These cables can be 12/24 fiber ribbon or 3mm round.

Usually these MPO/MTP breakout fiber cables are 24” breakout, 900um color coded tubes can be terminated with all connector types.

Available fiber: Corning ClearCurve 9/125 (OS2,Yellow), Corning InfiniCor 62.5/125(OM1,Orange), Corning ClearCurve 50/125 (OM2,Yellow),Corning ClearCurve 50/125(OM3,OM4,Aqua) with OFNP Plenum rated jacket

The MTP/MPO cabling system is ideally suited for a high density environment that demands space saving cable density and innovative cable management solutions. Simply install the MTP/MPO breakout cable within the building and connect to the rear of a MTP/ MPO patch panel or ruggedized fan-Out.


• 12 Fiber MTP/MPO breakout Assembly

• Single cable assembly with LC,LC/APC,SC,SC/APC,ST,FC,E2000 connectors.

• 900um color coded breakout at various lengths

• Industry standard and custom polish types

• Fiber: Corning 9/125 (OS2), 62.5/125(OM1), 50/125(OM2,OM3,OM4)

• Lengths: Custom lengths on request

• Jacket:Plenum OFNP,Riser OFNR or LSZH


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