Armored MPO Trunk Cable Plenum

Product Description

The MPO/MTP fiber cable assembly offers up to 12 times the density of standard fiber patch cords, providing significant space and cost savings.

Vkplus's MTP/MPO 12 fiber armored patch cord are made with 12 color coded Corning optical fiber inside SU304 stainless steel tube , available in 5.5mm round Riser & Plenum rated jacket.

With stainless steel armor inside the jacket, the stainless steel armor prevents fiber from damage, armored optic fiber cables can be used in harsh environment without additional protection. They can save space ,reduce construction cost and make the maintenance more conveniently.

Armored MPO/MTP fiber patch cords retain all the features of standard MPO/MTP fiber patch cord, but armored MPO/MTP fiber cables are much stronger and anti-rodents. Although armored fiber cables are strong, they are actually as flexible as standard fiber cables; Armored MPO/MTP fiber cables can be bended randomly without being broken.

Optional Lengths available


Reliable high-density interconnections for:
• Equipment Interconnections
• Telecommunications networks
• Broadband/CATV networks
• Data communications networks, including high-bandwidth equipment
• Interconnections for parallel optical transmitters and receivers.

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